Friday, September 18, 2009

Please Share Your Thoughts On Visiting Teaching

How do you feel about visiting teaching?
What challenges do you face in doing it?
What blessings have you seen in your life because of it?
What would make it easier for you to do your visiting teaching?

Please share your answers these questions or any other thoughts you'd like to share about visiting teaching!


Anonymous said...

I personally love VTing. I have had years where I am 100% every month and in recent years, months where I haven't done any VTing at all.(months and months of no VTing)
I have always been an extemely shy person. But am thankful that the gospel has broken me out of my shell a lot more than I think I would have been forced to otherwise. I have had compainions that I love dearly and others who have been a struggle for me to be paired with.(at least in the beginning anyways) I have also had the same situations with the people I visit. Or often felt like I had nothing in common with a sister. But, I have learned that if I am truely engaged in this work, that the Lord blesses me with a love for those I serve and serve with. I just have to open myself up to seeing what the Lord wants me to see or learn from each person I have been entrusted me to help care for.
A lot of my friends I have met and become close to, are because of VTing.
It is still often times a struggle for me to open up and feel comfortable talking to others, especially if I don't know them. But, I have also found that the Lord has loosed my tongue and made me feel at ease with new sisters that I visit.
I am very excited to have a companion now who is so willing to VT (even with small children in tow) and for the sister we have on our list. I look forward to growing closer to each of them and to count them among my closest of friends I gain through VTing.
I am glad I have had the fire relit under my rear end!

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand or appreciate visiting teaching until I was almost 30 years old. When I was newly married and living far from home I was mostly inactive. I had a wonderful visiting teacher who must have viewed me as one of those "less actives" on her list... that she would be lucky to get much contact with. She was friendly, loving, and invited me to activities. I never did become very active at that time, but I still remember my visiting teacher.
After many more years of mostly being inactive I came back to church. I was then assigned a wonderful visiting teacher who was not only faithful in her visits but also really made me feel loved and cared about. I still struggled with doing any visiting teaching, but the spark of testimony had been lit.
It wasn't until years later, when I was serving in a RS Presidency that I really started to catch the vision of what visiting teaching is and should be. I learned to not only want to "contact" my sisters, but to really care about them and help them feel Heavenly Father's love for them. I learned to put aside my own fears and inadequacies and to get outside my comfort zone to put other sisters' needs first. Since then I have tried to be as consistent and faithful in visiting teaching as the dear sisters who had visited me in the past. I still struggle with it but at least now I can say that I have a very firm testimony of visiting teaching and the blessing it is in all of our lives.