Friday, June 4, 2010

Inspirational Thought: Healing

Individuals struggling to heal may be led to talk to a bishop or stake president. They may be inspired to trust a friend. The Holy Spirit may impress upon them the importance of attending Church meetings or going to the temple. Daily scripture study becomes an anchor of stability and a source of inspiration. When necessary they are often helped in finding a counselor or therapist who will prayerfully help them on their journey.

One sister was inspired to become more fully involved in Relief Society, and she found exactly what she needed from loving sisters in her ward. “For me, Relief Society has all that any recovery group has to offer, with the added advantage of living in the great association of Latter-day Saints and with the benefit of values and friendships that Heavenly Father would want for me,” she wrote. “What I had to do was take an active part and appreciate the opportunities I found there.”

Another woman found Church attendance to be crucial. “For me, consistent Church attendance was absolutely necessary,” she said. “If it is hard to pray, it seems impossible to even think of attending church, especially if you have a family. But as I partook of the sacrament, I felt the Holy Spirit. My children learned about reverence and felt the spiritual atmosphere in the meetinghouse. Consistency was crucial; it brought close friendships and a positive influence on my children.”

In April 1994 general conference, Elder Richard G. Scott spoke of healing, testifying that “the surest, most effective, and shortest path to healing comes through application of the teachings of Jesus Christ in your life”

“The Journey to Healing,” Ensign, Sep 1997, 19

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